Sunday, June 5, 2011

Everything's Gonna Be Alright

When reading about WH, it said that some children don't make eye contact or smile.    Some children never talk.  I am trying to take what I read with a grain of salt but it is sometimes difficult and depresssing.  This week, Tyler has taught me that he is not WH.  He is not to be labeled.  He doesnt have boundaries and he is AWESOME!!!! While doing tummy time, he rolled over to his back.  I couldn't believe it and thought maybe it was a fluke.  Since then, he has shown off his new trick to Brian and my dad on two separate occasions.  He has also started making eye contact and smiling AND "talking".  This all prettty much happened on the same day. The whole talking thing is also impressive considering he still doesn't have his hearing aids. I couldnt help but allow the tears of joy to fall as I fed him his bottle after all this occurred.  I looked down at my perfect son and realized it will all be okay.

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  1. You nailed it in one word...AWESOME!! At 2 months he rolled from tummy to back?? AWESOME!! He is cooing and making eye contact with you? AWESOME!! He truly is breaking boundaries; I hope that he continues to amaze you! xo