Thursday, December 29, 2011

Full Circle

Anyone who watches Big Brother knows that every season, someone gets stuck wearing a ridiculous outfit.  Several years ago, Brian had the idea that this could be carried over to the Coffey adult dirty Santa game.  He found a costume and wrapped it.  The rules of the package were that it couldn't be opened until the end of the game, it had to be used for an hour after the game, and that it had to be put back in the exchange every following year.  Of course, this gift was fought over in the original exchange because of the mystery associated with it and has been a running joke every year since then.  Wouldn't you know, the gift came full circle this year.  Scroll below.......

The Chicken Suit

The Helmet Adventures Continue

Tyler got measured for the helmet and it was submitted to insurance.  Surely insurance will pay since we have met our out of pocket max and our neurosurgeon prescribed the helmet...right?  WRONG! A clause in our insurance policy and we are denied :( Our dilemma was do we fight the insurance company with an appeal when this is a time sensitive treatment or just suck it up and pay for it ourselves.  We decided to just go ahead with treatment because we could put it off to do the appeal and that could also be denied.  On a happier note, Tyler had his tear duct procedure done last Friday.  He did great and no more goopy eyes :)

After his procedure-still smiling!

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  This year was the first year we sent out Christmas cards.  We took some pics of Tyler in his crib and the caption read: Merry Christmas from our crib to yours!!  Here are a few of our faves.

We also took the boys to get pictures with Santa.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Paging Dr. Awesome

Friday we went to Louisville to have our appt with Dr. M.  We were hesitant and not sure what to expect and let me just say that we were pleasantly surprised.  This man was wonderful! Not only was he super nice but after talking to us for a bit, he said, "I should be very familiar with Tyler's symptoms, I used to eat with Dr. Hirchhorn every Friday when I was in New York." We were amazed and KNEW we made the right decision in switching doctors.  In case you were confused: Tyler's syndrome is Wolf-Hirchhorn and Dr. Kurt Hirchhorn is one of the doctors who identified the syndrome.  Dr. M told us that Tyler indeed had a tethered spinal cord.  He wants to do surgery but not until after Ty is a year old.  He also scheduled a MRI with contrast for the cyst on his spine.  This will give him some additional info about the cyst.  He informed us that the tethered cord surgery is relatively easy with minimal risks and a small incision.  The cyst is located further up the spine and if he decided to remove it the incision would be much larger.  Also, because of the location of the cyst there are more risks involved in removing it.  After the MRI, we will know if we should just watch it or if it something that needs to be removed when we do the tethered cord surgery.  The dang helmet was brought up again.  He strongly advised that we get the helmet.  I asked if it was really that bad or if I was in denial because I am his momma.  He jokingly told us we need a helmet intervention.  So, off we go today to get measured for the helmet.  After the appointment, Brian thanked him for being so thorough and explaining everything to us.  He was so gracious and told us it was nothing.  I told him that so often it seems like doctors are in and out in ten minutes and Brian and I are left going, "What the heck just happened?" He again told us it was job and since we chose that hospital and him as our doctor that-"We were family."
Since having Tyler we have had to deal with many medical professionals.  Most are good.  Some-not so much.  Then, there are the select few who are AWESOME.  They go the extra mile and make you feel like people and not just a number they have to plow through to make it to the end of their day.  I know that God led us to to this doctor and am so thankful that doctors like this still exist. 
If you wanna be reminded on how we were led to Dr. M-read this: