Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Riley Hospital Take 2

Hooray for Tyler :)  Today, we made the trek downtown for the kidney function test.  Another catheter, an iv, and more pictures.  Tyler was taped to a table for 45 minutes while they did this test.  Our funny little guy actually fell asleep after the catheter and iv were in (he didnt cry a bit).  I will have to post pictures when I return home of him asleep super taped to this was quite a site.  The results were that one kidney was functioning at 44% and the other 55%.  Both should be at 50% but the test has a 5% give-or take error so our urologist was very happy with the results.  She also explained that we should keep him on his daily dose of amoxicillin to prevent kidney infections.  The kidney reflux is not hurting him as long as there are no infections.  If he were to start getting infections, the reflux could be corrected with surgery.  The surgery is "easy" enough but we will just keep praying that Ty stays healthy and no surgery will be needed.  She did decide that we needed to be seen by the neurosurgeon for his spinal cord and made the referral for that and they should call us in the next week or so to set the appointment.  SOooo another ultrasound and appointment in 3 months to watch the kidneys and off we went :) 2 down and 1 to go= neurologist appointment tomorrow.  Go, Ty! Go!


  1. I can't believe he slept through it. That is awesome!! I'm happy there is no surgery needed at this point and hope it continues to stay that way. Good luck with the neurologist.

  2. What a faith builder! I am happy that the doctor found no signs requiring immediate attention. Will be praying about your neuro appointment tomorrow... I hope you will not only like the doctor, but of course that you will receive encouraging news. Will be looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    To Him be the glory for his kidney functions.