Monday, October 31, 2011

McMuffin anyone?!

 Luke 11:9
"So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Pastor Bret has been preaching about prayer for several weeks.  He has been putting emphasis on the knocking part.  So often, during a fleeting prayer we ask God for (fill in the blank).  He suggest really focusing and praying fervently and seeking God.  Don't do a knock and run sort of prayer.  Bang at the door with your prayers.  He even used a door on stage to show his point and the man literally BEAT down the door; I mean he really went postal on the thing.  He also tells a story of a church member who is a real prayer warrior.  She prays for everything.  One morning, on her way to church she didn't have time to stop so she prayed to God for a breakfast sandwich.  When she got to church, a man approached her with and asked her if she happened to want a breakfast sandwich because he had an extra one! Random but true.  I want clear cut answers like that.  I NEED answered prayers like that.  I'm the kind of girl that doesn't read between the lines.  I have to have things spelled out for me.  That is the problem I sometimes have with praying.  There have been no definite answer when I pray for answers or guidance.  Last month, Brian and I met with a neurosurgeon for Tyler and were to have some tests run to decide on surgery.  After our initial meeting with the neurosurgeon, we really didn't have a good feeling about this doctor for several reasons.  We decided to pray about guidance in what we should about the doctor situation until we were to see her again and do the MRI which was about 6 weeks later.  We prayed on this daily.  I also decided to do a little research.  I found a pediatric neurosurgeon in Louisville that I liked- Dr. M.  I showed him to Brian.  He listened but then repeated our plan to pray about it and see what the tests and Riley doctor was to say.  So we kept praying and waiting.  The week we were to go to Riley I had another idea.  Why not ask other WH parents if they have had any experience with the spinal problem and get some more info and input.  As a benefit of being a member of the 4p- support group, I have access to a listserv.  The listserv is an email database of all other members (about 250 worldwide).  I send out an email and it goes to all members and anyone can respond.  The listserv is awesome and we use it for medical questions, insurance problems, and just keeping in touch with other Wolf-Hirschhorn families.  I sent out the email and within a couple days had 2 separate families that had the same spinal issue.  We e-mailed back and forth about the condition and benefits they have seen with the surgery.  They also both gave me the name of their doctor....both children had been operated on by Dr. M.  I still get chills thinking about this.  I told you at the beginning I need things spelled out for me and so it was.  I think everyone needs an answered prayer like this.  One that when it is answered there is no other explanation other than God himself.  I have heard a saying that ~Coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous~.  I see it as the exact opposite~Coincidences are God's way of letting himself be known. 
We did do the MRI and the Riley doctor did recommend surgery.  They also found a cyst on his spine.  We are awaiting an appointment to see Dr. M.

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