Sunday, October 6, 2013

Go Ty Go makes a move~

If you have been on the page, you've realized it hasn't been updated in quite awhile.  Due to the many demands of life, it has become much easier to do quick updates rather than a blog.  Tyler is progressing, doing great health-wise, and expecting a baby sister in January.  To view updates you can click on this link and if you are member of facebook "like" the page and you will receive notifications when new posts are created:
If you aren't a member of facebook and want an update or have a specific question, you can comment on this post and I will still get an update and can answer your questions.  I'm keeping this page up for one purpose and that is for other families.  When a family receives the diagnosis of Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, the first thing they do is google it.  I have become friends with families from across the US who found this blog after receiving a diagnosis.  They were able to see a smiling and happy boy versus the scary and gloom statistics and outcome they may have received from a physician.  Just know: we are here, we are happy, and we continue to cheer "Go, Ty! GO!"

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