Sunday, August 5, 2012

The results are in (again).

This morning we received the results from the urine culture and it confirmed our suspicion of a kidney infection.  We were hoping to go home today but the dr. needed to do more tests to figure out the specific strain of bacteria that was in the urine.  She explained that although the antibiotic  he had been receiving would make him feel better, it probably wouldn't completely kill off the bacteria. We needed to figure out which antibiotic to use based on the bacteria.  We got some more specifics this afternoon and started the new antibiotic this evening.  They did a blood draw and his white cells are down to 11,000.  He is back to his old flirty self and we all can't wait to sleep in our own beds!

Watching the olympics.


Feeling better and ready to play.

He is Olympic training~ always stretch before your workout!


  1. So happy they are getting some results and he looks like he has cheered up some! I love the last picture stretching :)

  2. Oh, Mr. Tyler, how happy I am to see your sweet face and curls! I am so thankful you are feeling better, and am not surprised that you will be going home soon... you are such a fighter, "Super Man" if my memory serves me correctly! ;)

    Keep working those muscles as you're running a strong race, little guy... you've already won a gold medal, for sure!! (I'm thinking Mom and Dad deserve one, too!!)

    Love to you, sweet boy! We will be praying for you at our house!

  3. Thrilled that Ty is feeling a bit better. I bet the nurses are loving him!! I hope you all can go home soon.