Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Rollercoaster

Tyler wakes up from his nap and is fussy and hot.  I take his temperature and it's 100.  I give him some Tylenol.
100.6 degrees
After rotating Tylenol and Ibuprofen, Tyler is super fussy and he still feels hot.  I take his temp and it reads 102.8.  Brian and I give each other "the look" and head to the ER.
Get taken to ER room and temperature is 102.9.
They give him some medicine and an hour later, he is still over 101.  The dr. wants to get some blood, cath him for urine collection, and start an iv.  The blood and urine are collected.  Now, the hard part.  Brian tells them the problems we always have starting an iv.  They get their "go to" girl who proceeds to stick him 3 times failing to start the iv.  Blood comes back with white blood cells elevated over 20,000.  He will be spending the night.
Taken upstairs to pediatric floor.  They will try to start the iv.  3 more sticks=fail.  His fever is up again over 102.  He is sooo hot.  All he can do is whine.
I walk out of the bathroom and Brian is holding Tyler.  I shut the door and his eyes pop open.  He gasps and it happens.  I have been dreading this moment for 16 months.  I pray EVERY SINGLE DAY that this moment never comes.  It came.  He shifts his gaze and his body starts trembling.  I run outside and start yelling for help.  Nurses swarm in.  One is timing it with her watch and one is getting him on oxygen.  Time is going in slow motion and I am flipping out.  As I type this, tears come to my eyes while I relive the scariest moment of my life.  He lets out another gasp and starts breathing regular.  One nurse breaks the silence, " I think it's over-I timed it at 3 minutes."  His eyes flutter and his arm stays rigid.  They put him in the crib.  Things start to settle down but I can't stop crying.  One nurse explains everything that just happened the best that she could and reassured us that during the seizure his oxygen level stayed above 80 percent.  Brain loss occurs when the brain is not getting oxygen and she felt like he was breathing the whole time.
They call in a dr. to try to start an iv.  He tries 2 more times but is unsuccessful.  They give him a shot of antibiotics.  They want to start iv antibiotics and also have immediate access to give him medication in case another seizure is to occur.
We go over options and decide on the picc line.  He will need to be sedated and a radiologist will use an x-ray to see to thread a line through his arm to the big vein that goes to the heart. This will give them the ability to do blood draws and give long term antibiotics if needed.

Friday Morning
He gets his picc line.  White blood cell count is exactly the same.  Won't eat.  Fever hovers between 101 and 102.  My biggest fear today was that we were unable to lower the fever and he was going to have another fever.  He vomits up his motrin.
Friday Evening
He drinks his pediasure but vomits it up and then does it again at 1:30am.  Still has a fever.

Cell count is still over 20,000.  They are unsure why it isn't dropping. At it's height, the fever was 100.8 today.  Late in the day he was able to drink and hold down a total of 10 oz of pediasure.  His demeanor has changed dramatically and he is smiling.  Tonight his fever is gone.  We are hoping that the morning brings more good news and his white cells have dropped.

Brian and I are exhausted but elated that he is doing better.  It has been a very scary several days. They are thinking this was all caused by a urinary tract infection due to the kidney reflux which will most likely need surgery to fix.  We will find out for sure when the urine culture results get in tomorrow.  We will be going to Riley the 20th to meet with urology, get some testing, and discuss the recent infections.  Big thanks for all the prayers, visitors, and support.  We are ready to be home!!!!!


  1. What a little fighter. JD has been asking about Ty all day and we he is so happy to hear Ty is smiling again. Keep up the fight little champ.

  2. I know the feeling and couldn't help but shed tears :( he's strong and fights stronger than we do daily to strive! Prayers :)

  3. I am so very sorry that Ty is sick, in the hospital and had a seizure. I hope that seizure was his first and very last!! I hope he feels better soon and gets to come home. We are thinking of you all!