Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Happy New Year! It's 2013. Shouldn't we be riding around in flying cars by now? I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season.  I feel like things are just now returning to normal for us and it's halfway through January.  This past Monday we went to Riley Children's Hospital to see if the kidney surgery Tyler had done back in October worked. After some testing, we found out that it had improved the kidney reflux but not eliminated it as we had hoped.  The urologist suggested we keep him on his daily dose of antibiotics and wait a year.  There is a chance it could improve more on its own. If anytime in the year he has a breakthrough kidney infection or after the year it hasn't improved, then we will do the more invasive surgery that has a higher success rate. 

Ty and Daddy at Riley
Brian and I attended his annual kickoff event in Louisville this past weekend. For me, it always fun to get dressed up and hang out with adults for a change! I am so proud of Brian for all he has accomplished this past year.  One of his goals was to be in the top 50 partners in the whole company and he was recognized that night as he was #47 :)

Brian and his team

We are finishing up the last bit of the paperwork process and soon we will have a completed home study.  At that point, it could be the same day or several months before we get a call about our new baby boy! Tyler is overall in good health and we are excited what this new year will bring for Team Coffey. 
Happy New Year!!!!


  1. I have my fingers crossed that Tyler's kidneys improve by themselves.

    Congrats to Brian! That is awesome!

    The pictures are wonderful. I cannot believe how old Tyler looks!!

  2. Hope those kidneys keep getting better! Love your dress up pic, so pretty. Way to go Brian! Tyler is completely adorable on that X-ray table thing